Taking good care of your skin is essential to maintain our beauty. We offer several services that will help you cleanse and repair your skin, and leave you feeling both relaxed and confident when you walk out the door…

(Always includes brow shaping and tint if desired)

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This luxurious treatment is considered the best facial in town! This ultimate experience is completely customized to your specific skin type, needs, and concerns using only the finest certified skin care products. Enjoy the amazing skin care treatment as you escape the outside world and begin to heal. Notice the plumping, toning, firming, and tightening feeling throughout your facial and actually see the glow in your skin right away! Tips and recommendations are always provided after treatment as following a daily skin care routine will maximize the results of treatment.

Lymphatic Detox Massage & Nano Needling.
This signature facial is a very personalized treatment based on skin type and personal skin care goals. Can include steam enzyme, extractions, lymphatic detox massage, nano-needling and peel or mask.

Immediately enhances skin elasticity, improves skin texture and tone, and helps with skin firmness. It stimulates the fiberblast to produce more collagen and elastin wich is clinically proven to leave skin glowing with even more complexion.

*Includes Dermaplaning

Tweens and teens this is a facial that is perfect for you! This deep-cleansing treatment is fantastic for all skin types and customized to target individual skin care concerns. Exfoliation, light extractions, steam, a treatment masque, and hydration are included. Tweens and teens also leave the Brow & Beauty Bar with a sense of basic direction for their at home skin care.

Chemical Peel or Microdermabrasion may be needed for skin with acne.

Ensure that your back is as gorgeous as your face and decollete with a session devoted exclusively to your flip side. Banish unsightly blemishes and redness from your neck, shoulders and back with Brow & Beauty Bar’s back facial.

A natural microderm polisher perfectly exfoliates any uneven, dry, or rough skin you may have while the organic ingredients go to work to minimize any fines lines and wrinkles. This combination works to open the pores and relieve congested skin while flushing to help prevent breakouts. This treatment also helps to increase micro-circulation and stimulates cell renewal. You get all of these benefits while the treatment supplies nutrition directly to the epidermis so you experience the ultimate glow! You will feel fresh and new so if you are preparing for a special occasion this is the ideal treatment for you! For the best long-term results ask about a series of treatments!

Skin types that will benefit from this removal of the micro thin top layer of the skin are: oily, sun- damaged, hyper-pigmented, acne prone, bothersome facial hair, and large pores. Compared to standard chemical facial peels and Microdermabrasion, Dermaplaning offers a much milder exfoliation so it can also be used on sensitive skin types with premature sun damage. This treatment does not require recovery time for redness or peeling. If you have skin that is heavily sun damaged, dermaplaning can be done in conjunction with an aggressive peel for deeper more efficacious treatment. The procedure provides you with double exfoliation, promoting skin texture and the side benefit of removing unwanted facial hair. It also stimulates the collagen and elastin in the skin. You will experience a smoother, tighter appearance, and this process also helps with fine lines and wrinkles!

If you need to regenerate your skin, and go back to a soft, smooth, and glowing face this is the treatment for you! Your esthetician will customize your peel to meet your desired outcome. Some of these peels are organic and the peels range from mild to aggressive. You will actually feel a stimulating herbal tingling sensation as powerful ingredients go to work to increase circulation and revitalize your skin!

* Add on an extra pampering face, neck, shoulders, arms or hand massage to any signature facial.