Microblading Academy USA is now open!

Like we said in our previous blog post, our very own Kler Rosenberg has officially opened the very first Phibrows Academy in the US! As the first Phibrows Master in the United States, Kler has a unique gift of reaching out and teaching others in the highest standards of the microblading industry – the same standards demanded of all Phibrow artists world wide. And here it is – the Microblading Academy USA! Check out what the MBA USA is all about:

As you can see, Kler has a great passion for this industry!

And with a few graduating classes now in the books, our Phibrows Family is growing nationwide! Here are a few of the student testimonials:

As we say before, from beginning her career, to discovering microblading, to getting involved and educated with Phibrows, and becoming one of only 40 worldwide Masters, it’s been an amazing journey for Kler! Realizing this next step in career and having it be such an amazing success since it launch, it has been an honor to be a part of. Seeing her impart her knowledge of the industry, her expert techniques and her genuine love of her students as truly been wonderful! Through the Microblading Academy USA, the PhiBrows method and Kler, you too have the chance to  embark on an incredible opportunity to dramatically increase your current income, provide a highly sought after service, and increase the confidence of your new clients!

For more information and starting a career as Kler as your mentor, please contact the Microblading Academy USA at [email protected]!

Congratulations Kler!


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