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One of the most relaxing (and beneficial) appointments you can book is for a facial.

However, despite its benefits, a lot of folks are unsure as to what to expect when going in for a facial. Fear not! We are here to give you the quick and dirty rundown on what to expect when going in for your facial appointment.

            Regardless of your skin type you will benefit from a facial. With the upcoming change in seasons, and with it, the change in temperatures, you may find your skin starts to dry out. 

          Fall and winter months make dry skin drier; whereas summer months tend to make oily skin oilier. A customized facial will benefit your skin and help it to get through the upcoming season in a stunning way.  Regular facials will help to keep skin firmer, smoother and properly hydrated.    

            There are a wide variety of options available for the type of facial you can go in for. Our trained facialist can help you assess your needs and help you book a customized facial that will work the best for you. Facials range from deep cleansing with massage to facials with extractions (removing blackheads) to more medically specific peels and treatments. We offer so many varieties of facials!

Many of our facials are all natural and organic- containing powerful fruit and herbal extracts to holistically nourish and treat skin from the inside out.

            On the day of your treatment it is not necessary to do advance prep work. If you arrive with make-up on, not to worry! Your esthetician will remove it as part of the facial process. It is best not to do any at-home treatments in the week leading up to your appointment (aside from your daily cleansing and moisturizing routine) and for men, it is best to shave the night before to help reduce irritation. Depending on your skin and the type of facial you receive, you may experience some redness the same day as your facial. Skin will continually improve in the days that follow a facial; some slight irritation or redness is to be expected.

Like any procedure, in the days and weeks following a facial it is important to continue to take care of skin in order to see lasting effects. Continue to remove makeup each night, wear sunscreen during the day and have a regime for washing and moisturizing skin. In the same way you wouldn’t go to the dentist and then stop brushing and flossing, you wouldn’t go for a facial and then stop taking care of your skin.

Facials are a great way to relax and improve the overall health and beauty of your skin. Effects can be noticed after one treatment! For long lasting effects and benefits a facial done at regular intervals can help skin to look its most beautiful. A facial regime can be discussed with your esthetician after your first appointment.

Did you know we offer a wide range of fully customizable facial treatment options?  Let us help you achieve your best looking skin!  Visit us in person or give us a call at 561-866-0566 to make an appointment. Stop by and check out our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/browandbeautybarBOCA


We look forward to helping you with your beauty needs!

The Brow and Beauty Bar Team


To read more about the benefits of facials and extractions, visit www.marieclaire.com

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