Eyebrows of Style

Audrey Hepburn, Brooke Shields and Cara Delevingne. Yes! We are talking about lovely ladies with iconic eyebrows!

While the desirable style has changed over time, one thing is for certain: Well-defined brows get you noticed. Expert eyebrow shaping is something that should ideally not be taken on by yourself in a dimly lit bathroom-so put that tweezer down! There is a relatively new procedure available that can take your brows from “blah” to “wow”.

Microblading is the new way ladies and men alike are choosing to have enviable eyebrows, and at Brow and Beauty Bar, we do it best.
Microblading, or eyebrow embroidery, is a semi-permanent manual procedure that uses a fine blade (which is actually many tiny needles) to deposit perfectly matched pigment under the epidermis. In the past, similar treatments were done with a machine – creating a harsh, tattooed look. As microblading is done by hand, it allows for a natural and refined look, regardless of how much or how little hair you already have there. As our expert technicians apply the pigment with controlled precision, eyebrows that have been styled by microblading have an HD or 3D look to them, creating a natural and enviable look that frames the face.

We do this procedure so well that we even have clients who fly in to see us!
Microblading is a technique that has origins in Asia, and is now gaining popularity in North America. It is a perfect option for people who have alopecia, thyroid difficulties, or any other condition that causes hair loss; or for people who just want better brows. Each eyebrow is done individually, creating a tailored, personalized and symmetrical look for the client. Concerned about the pain factor? The sensation has been described as a feeling similar to tweezing and the technician will apply a topical ointment to help with the discomfort. Typically, the results can last anywhere from 11-18 months.
So say goodbye to constant eyebrow fussing, sister! Your beautifully shaped brow is now more obtainable than ever.
Ready for a natural, fuller looking brow that will get you noticed? Visit us today for your microblading consultation or check us out online at http://bocabrowandbeautybar.com/.

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We will see you soon!

The Brow & Beauty Bar Team!


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